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".. Kenya was my first step in changing my life this is why I cherish this experience so much, as it gave me self confidence and made me know I can do anything and go anywhere and make a difference" Ingie, 2011


More gifts of advanced nutrition for malnourished children

Written by Alison. Posted in Blog

My wonderful contact at MannaRelief has just rang to offer another 6 months supply of MannaBears to us, fully funded.

With these "glyconutrients" we can add to the "current food programs which are mainly cereal-based and lack many of the nutrients young children need ... filling a child's stomach not only fails to correct the problem, but it serves as only a temporary fix to a much bigger problem." This product ... "provides children with plant-sourced nutrients in standardized and nutritionally effective amounts. ...Nutritional Chews can be eaten directly from the packet and do not require refrigeration or mixing with scarce clean water."

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