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Counting in Swahili

Written by Alison Lowndes. Posted in Language

One - Moja, Two - Mbili, Three - Tatu, Four - Nne (In-Eh), Five - Tano

Six - Sita, Seven - Saba, Eight - Nane, Nine - Tisa, Ten - Kumi

Eleven - Kumi na moja, Twelve - Kumi na mbili

Twenty - Ishirini, Twenty four - Ishirini na nne

Thirty - Thelathini, Forty - Arobaini

Fifty - Hamsini, Fifty five - Hamsini na tano

Sixty - Sitini, Seventy - Sabini, Eighty - Themanini, Ninety - Tisini

Hundred - Mia

One hundred and thirty six - Mia moja na thelathini na sita

Nine hundred and ninety nine - Mia tisa na tisini na tisa

Thousand - Elfu

One thousand nine hundred and ninety seven - Elfu moja mia tisa na tisini na saba

Half  - Nusu

Two and a half - Mbili na nusu (Mbili unusu)

Quarter  - Robo

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