AVIF is an innovative online charity, assisting with sustainable development via online & onsite volunteering in rural Kenya, East Africa. We work with partner communities in the Brazilian Amazon, Greenland and Tibet too. Being virtual means negligible administration costs for worldwide impact. We believe in efficiency, honesty and transparency. WE DON'T CHARGE FEES.

".. Kenya was my first step in changing my life this is why I cherish this experience so much, as it gave me self confidence and made me know I can do anything and go anywhere and make a difference" Ingie, 2011


Trustee Profiles

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Alison B Lowndes

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Having worked in internet-based environments since 2000, forming a virtually-administrated charity was nothing out of the ordinary. In 2002, she established a 65-teacher international summer school in NE China, living there for 9 months with her 2 young children. On returning to the UK in 2003 she spent some time working in internet security before deciding to go back to school, studying Astrophysics. With friends in Kenya, she realised the potential for summer schools there but knowing the economic situation, volunteer teachers were the only option. In March 2006 AVIF was born & the first volunteer placement ran over a 5 week period summer 2006.

I decided to make AVIF a charity rather than a company as people are always more willing to offer time to a non-profit organisation".

Mary Wright

Although retired, Mary actively assists the northern office for Aid to Hospitals Worldwide, who recycle donated medical equipment bound for landfill in the UK, to equip hospitals, clinics and schools in some of the world’s poorest countries. Mary's career since 1970 has been predominantly associated with the NHS and the development of Primary and Community Health Services in England and in Scotland.



In Memorium of Sharon Argwings Kodhek

It is with heavy heart that we write that Sharon passed away (May, 2013) but will always be remembered in our hearts. A resident of Nairobi and native Kenyan, Sharon has, for the many years, been trying to eradicate child domestic labour from Kenya, and to raise awareness of and provide support to fellow sufferers of Lupus, the auto-immune disease that eventually took her from us. 

"I look at the children all around, I think that children all need a fair chance so I try and get people and organizations to help out."

Sharon was responsible for Kenyan operations and will be lovingly remembered as the Big Sister to all our Volunteers and an incredibly resourceful, caring & informed woman.

In Memorium of Pauline Hulme 

Pauline (Alison's Mother) was a founding member of AVIF until she suddenly passed away August, 2009. AVIF owes itself to Pauline, who was an amazing woman and a huge support to AVIF, emotionally and financially, offering advice and assistance whenever needed.

She will be missed beyond words.


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