I’ve just been sent a fantastic gift by Megan Casey

Editor-in-Chief, Squidoo.com :

It’s about setting up an eBay store, then a Squidoo lens, then a

Flickr account for your photos, then a YouTube video .. and linking them all together to introduce yourself and increase traffic, for free. Personalized signposts

Pointing everything back at each other… is a little unclear .. your Flickr to

your eBay, your eBay to your Squidoo, your Squidoo to

your Flickr AND your eBay, and all of them from your

blog. I needed a little more instruction on how to do this, but its fairly easy to “

Mix in a little del.icio.us tagging and StumbleUpon

favouriting” to achieve results.

Megan writes “Squidoo is called a co-op for a reason. Success is shared.

The better your friends do, the more traffic you get. And

in a nice twist, the better your competitors do, the better

chance your lenses have of getting found as well.”

This can only be a good thing.

Its encourages to go back to the idea of selling our communities wares on eBay, even with the large postal costs which we can’t seem to avoid.

I’ll get on it immediately, come back soon for the new store opening, in the meantime you can donate a percentage of your own sales to AVIF !

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