We use JustGiving for easy donations. Just click the logo. So long as you are a UK taxpayer, they automatically add on Gift Aid which boosts the value of your donation by 25p for every £1 (or current tax rate) eg if you decide to give £10, AVIF can claim an extra £2.50 from Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs. Every penny really does count!


Tori, Jackson & Robyn, 2013 in the Nkiito maasai village of Amboseli.

A small amount of money in western terms will send a child to secondary school; buy uniforms and books and pay for school fees. Our volunteer, Robyn set up to enable our Maasai hosts to sell their own handmade jewellery and goods so the village Mamas could afford to send their children to school. If you’d like to help please visit the site or contact us.


Direct Bank Transfer

Barclays Bank Acc. name AVIF, sort code 

Payroll Gifting

Provide a regular, reliable income stream that allows us to budget, while benefiting from  tax relief of up to £4 for every £10 donated. Ask your payroll department to deduct regular charitable donations from your salary by filling out a simple application form. Your donations will show on your payslip.Visit


Leave gift to us in your will, free of inheritance tax. Simply leave instruction in your will or contact your solicitor to do so.

Asante sana ~ Thank You