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Learn more about the natural environment protecting you. Thank You to donors for the recent funds sent to friends in Qaanaaq to help with growing costs of living from the lack of sea ice. It will be less than…

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Help needed in Greenland

This Christmas, please help our Greenlandic friends & their dogs. Due to climate change the sea ice has still not formed off the northwest coast of Qaanaaq which means the traditional sea-ice-fishing cannot take place. Community leaders are asking…

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Efficiency & sustainability

I do this work because it amazes me every day. It also stuns me and shakes me. A month ago my friend Jackson, our liaison at the maasai community of Nkiito had an accident. Actually the motorbike taxi driver…

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Earth School

Please use this resource, Earth School.

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Always a learning curve

Our work to bring water to Nkiito continues, helped in no small part to our volunteer Tina! I’m pulling in knowledge from all corners of the globe, from water engineers in Texas (EWB) to Tesla Powerwall in California to…

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Extending a productive day

1 year ago, AVIF sent 8x Pro 300 solar lamps to Hamza. We knew Hamza from a previous volunteering project. Hamza was able to set up a small business buying and selling these solar lamps from SunKing, part of…

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