This Christmas, please help our Greenlandic friends & their dogs. Due to climate change the sea ice has still not formed off the northwest coast of Qaanaaq which means the traditional sea-ice-fishing cannot take place. Community leaders are asking for your help as they are unable to hunt. The Inuit practice subsistence hunting which means they use EVERYTHING & their essential dogs share the resources too. These are not just pets, they are part of the way of life here. If your snowmobile breaks down, you die. Most people still use sled dogs which do not use petrol, they use meat, from the kill! It is -30C in Qaanaaq right now but the sea is still so warm that the ice hasn’t formed. This of course affects the polar bears too which are forced to come to the remote villages to find food. The sled dogs are vital there too for protection & warning of bears. The situation is dire & will take months to remedy. In the meantime, any donation will help.
Better yet, join AVIF & visit the community in 2024, to truly see how life is, in northern Greenland & learn hands-on how help preserve this traditional, symbiotic way of life, one that will ultimately help us all in coming years. You can donate directly to AVIF via the button (UK tax payers get 20% added on top for free via UKGov GiftAid). Qujan (thanks).