I do this work because it amazes me every day. It also stuns me and shakes me. A month ago my friend Jackson, our liaison at the maasai community of Nkiito had an accident. Actually the motorbike taxi driver had an accident and unfortunately Jackson was on the back, returning from posting some jewellery to one of our volunteers. You can buy it here. The injury to his leg has meant 3 separate hospital trips but he is recovering. Today he was able to go to the cattle market.

I run AVIF alongside my full-time job with NVIDIA and a few weeks ago their new #Inspire365 initiative, ran by Benevity, matched my recent volunteering hours. It was enough to buy a new bull for the village.

It also paid for a truck to bring the bull back from the market, but my maasai friend thought this was inefficient. I was worried by his suggestion that they could simply walk the bull home.

Walk? It’s hundreds of miles?

But I was talking to a maasai. Instead they used the money to buy another cow & began the 3.5 day journey walking home. Meanwhile my friend Petra is in Kenya, discussing wells at the community of Inchakito, close by and we are planning to start digging bunds to aid water retention with Justdigging. Take a look at the website to see their simple, effective methods. We’re hoping to design something along the lines of this:

With the help of Justdigging, the community can do this themselves & be trained in regreening the area. It would make a more permanent village & future donations will continue to go towards a more permanent water solution. Ashe oleng, for all your support!