Our work to bring water to Nkiito continues, helped in no small part to our volunteer Tina! I’m pulling in knowledge from all corners of the globe, from water engineers in Texas (EWB) to Tesla Powerwall in California to solar consultants in Nairobi & astrophysicists in Switzerland. The fantastic organisation Majik Water may well be able to install our solution by February 2020 and its getting exciting, especially since the rains have been falling and the land is green and lush around the community.


Solar is proving more of a problem than the adiabatic science, since the relative humidity of the area is higher at night which means the solar power generated during the day needs to be stored, and battery storage aint cheap. Tesla’s Powerwall may help but affordability is key here, we’re only a kitchen table charity, a good thing, because we have to work on maximum efficiency. We have covered, so far, the adiabatic unit cost, a 2,200mAh battery, regulator, inverter, cabling, labour, installation & commissioning. Not entirely sure what that last one is but we’ll know soon! As for the battery, this is new tech and we need to ensure we have the latest, hence Tesla. A 2200mAh (milliamps per hour) power bank only really holds about 1380mAh due to loss in the transfer of energy. Tesla are perfecting this process.

KWS also have a broken pipe very close but we have had no luck in finding out the source of the problem, either where to repair it or who can help. It shouldn’t be this hard, but we keep on pushing for answers. In the meantime our volunteers have raised additional funding to finally bring some water security to this important community. They’re not only important to us, but to all of us. Climate change is going to require many of us to re-engage with Nature, to learn how to live off-grid, even temporarily, and there’s no-one more efficient in “living” than the Maasai. Recent wildfires in California and ongoing fires in Australia are forcing us to re-learn the old, traditional ways of life, as well as adapting to more sustainable living. Check out the incredible photography of Jimmy Nelson here who catches the lives of many traditional cultures.
If you would like to see for yourself, to experience life off-grid (with mobile internet and solar-power) please contact us or visit directly via AirBnB. All funds go directly to our sustainable development projects. AVIF charges ZERO FEES.