1 year ago, AVIF sent 8x Pro 300 solar lamps to Hamza. We knew Hamza from a previous volunteering project.

Hamza was able to set up a small business buying and selling these solar lamps from SunKing, part of the Green Light Planet company. Hamza checked in yesterday to tell me how much he was enjoying running his own business, while providing “people from my place [with] light” and the ability to charge their phones, for free! Hamza sells the lamps to people in his village that have no electricity, and to those that have it, in case of grid failure, which happens a lot. SunKing lamps provide up to 16x the brightness of kerosene, with no fumes, health issues or cost. They can provide 36 hours of light & radio or MP3 player, or charging a mobile phone. 

Check out the Sun King Boom, here, the first ever solar-powered lantern with a Radio, MP3 player and mobile phone charging. Larger units can provide much more for more “commercial” charging stations. Individually, its very simple to play music directly from an SD card or USB drive, for up to 10 hours. Pictured below is one of Hamza’s happy customers! 

Help us help others by donating a solar lamp, a mere £30 can provide years of power to a family, to extend their day beyond darkness.