Edward Wata just sent a text to let me know he’d just dropped off Pius at Ukwala High School. He said Pius was very very excited & that he’d be sending us reports of his progress. I wanted to thank the donors for their contributions but also the 4 volunteers that highlighted Pius’ plight last year when they visited RFCH in Yala.

(from Wikipedia) Education in Kenya has been based on an 8-4-4 system since the late 1980s, with eight years of primary education followed by four years of secondary school and four years of college or university… of all children in Kenya about 85 percent of children attend
primary school, only 24 percent attend secondary school, and a mere 2 percent attend higher institutions. The government has now introduced plans to offer free Secondary education to all, although families still struggle with basic costs of uniform/ books and other essentials.

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