Sincere greeting to you. I thank God for sustaining us well. I wish to convey my heartfelt gratitudes to you for your invaluable support and assistance through prayers, message of Love, moral and materials support through volunteers for this summer’s Teaching program at Ebukuya Pri. School and community as a whole.  Their presence has touched and words can not express.
We have had a nice stay with them in the community.  Everyone wishes it were longer.  They truly gave our children what they really needed at school; that made them enjoy and gain more.  We too. What a pleasure! I believe they have also learnt alot from us including sign  language at Ebukuya school for the deaf.  I moved them to visit a number of schools to meet other students and also see what Kijana Educational Empowerment Initiative (K.E.E.I) is doing in Bunyore schools.  This is an NGO founded by Jim Cummings of Florida in America who taught me at Ebusiloli Sec. School sometimes back. He was very happy to hear about your programs. We all welcome u to team up with us for the betterment of Bunyore schools.  i am the Vice programme officer for KEEI
Besides, i take computer studies at Kima International School of Theology.  Therefore, IT program you have will be of a great impact to us in the community However, i am a mother of four children – one son Allen 11 Years in class five and three girls namely: Miriam 12 years in class five, Trevour Nine in class two and Doreen 8 in class three.
My husband is a Pastor.  I have a lot to thank God for us as a community(ies).  Mine is a dream come real; to see revival of our local school.
Pass our greetings to everyone.
May God Almighty richly bless you.
Yours at Service
Mrs Susan J. Okola Sipeche
W/O Rev.  Samwel K. Sipeche and Family.
BOX 503,40100,
(Taken from website, received in writing September 7th 2006).