To all our prospective volunteers
(This email is being sent to you as you have enquired about the Summer 2007 Volunteer Program or individual programme. Should you no longer be able to attend please let us know immediately as places are limited)
Apologies for delays in updates but negotiations are ongoing.
Please keep an eye on the website for progress and events.
We have 4 trainee teachers from Nottingham Trent University, UK, currently teaching and mentoring at the Rianna’s Furaha (happiness) Childrens Home close to Kisumu right now. The temperature is in the high 20’s (80F) and the children are wonderful. The volunteers will update the Blog once they get into the town for internet access, so you can read more about their experience.
Nursery children at Riannas Furaha Childrens Home, Yala
Home buildings
AVIF Volunteers will now be assisting with distribution of goods and literature to all our hosts in the effort to eliminate Malaria. Working with KeNAAM (part of the RollBackMalaria initiative hosted by the World Health Organisation) simply by passing on information AVIF Volunteers can help prevent, control and reduce the socio-economic burden of malaria. Educational materials and mosquito nets will be passed around at Orientation in Nairobi.
Depending on UK numbers there may be a pre-departure meeting in Harrogate in June, once we know confirmed numbers we will update you.
Please forward the e-mailings that BT produce for us “” to increase chances of donations. Volunteers overseas may forward the mailings but bear in mind shipping costs.
We have signed an MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) with 540 Airlines for all internal flights. 540 allow up to 45kg baggage allowance for AVIF Volunteers. We must insist that volunteers travel up-country by air, a much more convenient, faster and safer method of travel, though this cost must be borne yourselves. .. internal flights take 1 hour rather than 6-9 hours by road and cost around GBP60 return. Original plans to transport volunteers by coach can no longer take place due to “Duty of Care” regulations and AVIF cannot currently cover air transportation costs, we hope you understand.
Distance-learning for Solar Cookers .. see Plans.pdf at
We need all volunteers to study these plans. A full demonstration will be given in Nairobi and all hosts have pre-sourced materials. The volunteers in Kisumu are currently helping to train women staff at the home in the extremely simple methods of cooking using the sun. We have donated cookers and sisal food warmers. You will all be training your hosts in simple construction and use of the Solar “slow-cookers”, under the guidance of SCI (Nairobi). SCI Archive site
Points to note :
  • Woman need to be trained since women do most of the cooking
  • We must gain the attention of the elders of each community, for people to follow
  • We must be sensitive to how they cook and how solar cooking may affect taste so men need to be involved, since they also may pay for the cooker / build the cooker, and will most definitely eat the food
  • For those that rely on gathered firewood instead of purchased wood or charcoal, women and girls usually do most of the fuel collecting. Time saved by women and girls gathering firewood must be given a recognized value, as time to earn money building and re-selling cookers, baking cakes for example.
  • Less firewood is needed so solar cooking is saving the forests – Forests mean rain, crops, livestock…money.
  • Lack of smoke and soot is essential to lung health for cooks and children.
  • Benefits of cookers for pasteurizing milk and water.
  • Free to use because the sun’s power is great enough to cook their food !
  • Women and children can make extra money by using solar cooking to bake birthday cakes.
Here are details of SafeMed medical insurance. This is a package discounted for AVIF Volunteers though you may find that your travel insurance covers most of this anyway :
Scope of Cover
The Outpatient Cover provides for medical and surgical expenses reasonably incurred by the insured members as a direct result of their sustaining accidental bodily injury and/or illness and/or a disease within the period of insurance. Members of the scheme will have a choice of a medical attendant within our provider network. Treatment will be restricted to medical practitioners registered with the Kenya Medical Practitioners & Dentists Board. 
Minimed Cover
This is a standard outpatient cover providing access to quality clinics around the country.
Members are entitled to:-
  • Outpatient care at selected top quality facilities
  • Treatment by medical practitioners registered with the Kenya Medical Practitioners & Dentists Board.
  • Consultation Fees
  • Laboratory and Diagnostic Services
  • Dispensing of pharmaceutical drugs
  • X-ray
  • Physiotherapy Services
  • Referral to appropriate specialists
  • Surgical dressing when necessitated by accidental body injury or disease
  • Physiotherapy fees.
Price at September 2006 Ksh8,550 for Summer Programme period
I would recommend taking out Flying Doctor membership (please see Join Us > Safety section on website).
For all those not already informed please see the section on Development Education, especially if you are a UK trainee teacher. Preparing for volunteering, volunteering itself and reflecting on the experience on your return are all likely to impact on your teaching.  
We are now working with MASTA. They have an online shop and we will be supplying you all with a discount code. MASTA’s free travel health guide is attached, if you do not have the Adobe Reader software to open .pdf documents, click here for free safe download
Current allocation list is :
Imani Agape Children’s Home
P.O BOX 2768, 40200 KISII KENYA 

JNMCC Mercy Home Orphanage
Mr & Mrs Edward and Deborah Buyengo
Sopwith House PO Box 321 MASENO 40105 KENYA
Ebukuya Primary School
Corrugated iron roof accommodation w/ electricity and cook/cleaner
Close to 3 slum schools

Rianna’s Furaha (happiness) Childrens Home
PO Box 765, Yala
(Kenya/Ugandan border)
Ulamba Childrens Home
Person in charge is Asuna number 0734837718

Glad Toto school P.O.Box 65 Usenge

Nyayo school P.O.Box 36 Usenge
Ambrose Adongo Secondary School
PO Box 1068, Siaya District, South Alego location, 7km from Siaya Town
Virginia M Bueno Centre
School & Orphanage, Nakuru
I will not be able to allocate individually for another 2 months but you can study maps to get your bearings. Please bear in mind there are new orphanages being contacted all the time.