We’ve been Afrigator’d.

I’d like to introduce another fabulous page. John Powers of Bazungu Bucks

has helped us in many ways; not only pushing us up the blogging curve, but in simply including us in his network. John mentions Ethan Zuckerman
who I had the pleasure of communicating with a few months ago over our
current project promoting Solar Cooking. Ethan highlighted a few
realities of rushing into helping the africans in general without
thought for their customs, ways of life e.g. solar cooking (slow
cooking but using the power of the sun) may have a massive amount of
advantages but could possibly alter the taste meaning people won’t like
the food .. and the whole project fails. Solar Cooking International,
however, who introduced us, have a tried and tested well-established
procedure for training and gentle introduction to this much-needed
concept. All details and even plans of action for helping, field tests, etc are all available on their extensive Wiki.

Changing the subject (essential with my multi-tasking lifestyle) ..

Nick @ PodNosh suggested that I also take a look at Diggers Trackbacks Tutorial (for Blogger) too to help, many thanks to everyone but why doesn’t Blogger give us automatic trackback ?

If anyone needs to Fire Up their Blogging I’d recommend ScribeFire I’m now testing the new Performancing-ScribeFire publishing tool .. if you’re reading this ..

Lastly .. what a ride its been this last few days but thanks to everyone involved esp. Beth Kanter, Nick Booth,(hope my trackbacks worked) and Congratulations to Brami Jegan, my anonymous, link-less friend, for reaching the Orange Blogs Round Up for her article on the imbalance of media coverage of the abduction of Madeleine McCann. Every child is equal.

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