A volunteer has asked about safety .. the website contains these details but I’ll post it too :

AVIF cannot enforce but make recommendations that volunteers apply for membership to AMREF’s Flying Doctor Service which will ensure emergency evacuation to the nearest registered major hospital. While we also have a discounted medical package available from SafeMed we believe the average “western” UK/US travel / medical insurance will provide the same cover.


Should things go wrong our hosts are able to contact us immediately. We hold all emergency information .. Volunteers are asked to pass on all details of travel / medical insurance as well as references for Flying Doctor membership, at Orientation.


We insist that volunteers travel up-country by air, a much more convenient, faster and safer method of travel, though this cost must again be borne by yourselves. We have

 an established arrangement with 540 Airlines who are a new but very amenable company.

AVIF will give you all the information you need but also emphasise the importance of resilience, self-reliance, and innovation; we separate fact from emotion & balance necessary levels of protection whilst preserving reasonable levels of risk. Unwilling and unable to spend vast amounts on insurance policies we would like to empower individuals to take more personal responsibility for risk since you are best placed to manage it.”


You will be given a full safety brief in Nairobi, will have the full welfare support of AVIF Liaisons as well as the protection of the village you will be aiding ~ their support speaks a thousand words.


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