…Wish list: calendars and maps of world, africa for classrooms.Nothing on walls or for reference. As we made the dolls and the boys made animals out of the material I brought- along with needles thread, embroidery thread and yarn for manes or hair- the students took the opportunity to sew the many holes in their sweaters.
I left needles and thread, etc with those that wanted it. – hope I have enough left for todays class.
I brought the beach ball world globes – one per class and they were wonderful for them.
They have nothing as you know.
All were very excited to learn to make better dolls/animals in hopes of selling them one day.
So, material and supplies for a classroom would be good. I might see if I can get more material for the teacher who is now turned on with the idea.
My class yesterday had 83 students – level 7 and always that many- it was a normal size class and incredible!
The children were beyond wonderful. Must run – ha no time.