In answer to concerns of a volunteer in relation to recent killings in Nairobi (sect killings) ….

.. these occurrences happen in Kenya a lot and will possibly get worse as the rich get richer and the poor get poorer .. hence the need for our work in providing sustainable development.

Kenya is a high risk area, though developed far more than its relative neighbour Darfur…. AVIF will catagorically state that we cannot guarantee your safety 100%, neither can the United Nations, as they advise here on their website

All AVIF can do is our utmost for your safety, and give you plenty of information and advise you to use common sense and abide by our advice. Volunteers travel all over the world every day. Taking a risk is part of living, or you will never get to experience life other than in your home town or country.

No insurance policy in the world can protect you from the ravages of poverty. If you truly believe the risks are too high then please do not take part in AVIF’s onsite volunteering. It would be a shame to travel all that way only to be worried every day for your safety. I know many people who have lived and brought their children up in Kenya. Nairobi is like any city in a developing country with sharp contrasts between wealth and status. Some Kenyans will obviously be angered when a tourist walks past wearing jewellery worth more than their life’s earning potential .. we simply have to fully understand what we are doing in Kenya and be extremely sensitive to the situation.

Most people are good, hardworking, honest people, some aren’t. We use our common sense, stay in groups and heed the advice and hospitality of our hosts. Please remember that rural life is far different to urban. People do not have the harsh realities of todays world thrust in their faces all day long and are open to sustainable development.

Please add any comments, this is an important issue and one we take seriously, but not enough to stop progress. The world needs risk-takers like AVIF volunteers.

Kindest regards
Alison Lowndes