I hope everyone is well and plans are all being finalised.
Please contact me with any further questions.

Regarding the posters, http://www.fourthway.co.uk/posters/ I am hoping that Sharon can have some of these printed out so you can take them with you. There is an instructions poster here http://www.fourthway.co.uk/posters/pages/cover.html

Can you all please make sure you are subscribed to the Blog as updates are published there and act as an archive for information. If you subscribe (most of you should already be) you will get sent the updates every time I write something.

We have fantastic news about 3 of the girls from JNMCC. Sharon had a networking trip to the States last year and met an NGO called Zawadi. They are interviewing the girls to go to the United States on a full scholarship .. keep your fingers crossed for them.

540 Airlines are having problems with their online booking system but have reserved flights for you. They should be coming to the Orientation to meet you so you can arrange payment there, or they will take you to the office themselves.

We were wondering if any of you wanted to plan a classroom painting day with your hosts. Paint is very cheap and as you will see walls can be very bare. Please consider this activity. Sharon pointed out that it would of course involve the children in a fantastic lasting project. You can make arrangements on arrival with your hosts.

Kindest regards