It is with great sadness that I have to inform you that JNMCC, in Maseno, Kenya was robbed last night. Ksh500 (USD7.5 !!!!!!!) and Nancy’s mobile phone were taken.

Security guards are being brought in but the damage is already done.
Everyone at JNMCC has been scared and disheartened.

I am informing you all because THIS HAPPENS.
With the huge divide in wealth in Kenya, it happens less in the rural areas but news travels fast when “muzungus” arrive. People hear you are all arriving and have lots of money and mobile phones and some people are
so poor they see no other option but to steal.
We all know it ruins opportunities for everyone else, especially the Kenyans.
It ruins lives, the lives of the children especially, because this crime affects us, scares us and we stay away.

If any of you decide not to join us in Kenya we will fully understand but I hope that none of you allow these men to ruin your experience or the progress we are already making to the lives of some of the good, kind Kenyan people.

As per our website, I wish to stress the importance of resilience, self-reliance, and innovation. We must separate fact from emotion & balance necessary levels of protection whilst preserving reasonable levels of risk. AVIF cannot prevent this type of occurrence. We cannot stop the burglar entering our own homes, either, but we can lessen the risk and empower you to take more personal responsibility for risk since you are best placed to manage it.

There will be additional security guards on the grounds for the duration of the programme.
JNMCC was the only host not to have security, or to think they did not need it. They are just as saddened by this as we are.