… Soap for body and washing, towels, toilet paper. Edward will take you to a supermarket where you can get it all if you want when you arrive. Also, the girls could use petroleum jelly or body lotions- big jars- toothpaste, they have at the supermarket- I was going to get things in Kisumo the day this happened and never got to.

They took Ksh3000 [USD45] – Edwards money so things are tight right now. Now, if … someone had an old tape/cassette stereo system, that would be wonderful as they love to play their wonderful tapes- great music- theirs was one of those small boombox type ones with 2 separate speakers- he had one big speaker(which they didn’t take) that he attached it to in the eating room. He has a big car battery to run it… the outlets are like England. I think he just has tapes- didn’t see any CDs. They also had a small b/w tv that they rarely watched but it was taken too. Charging phones or cameras is a pain – [Matt has already purchased a Solio solar charger, make sure you bring charge leads] .. if you go to the internet in Mesano (hour walk) they are great and will charge it while you’re there- Also Sister Flora and a couple of the teachers have electricity and could take it home for the night.  IMPORTANT: I am going to try and get the 6 solar pots that I didn’t take with the cookers, ready for you guys to bring on the plane, as they really need them. Also 3 red towels I’m getting to give to Deborah, Susan or Sara, as they are being made into sanitary pads for the girls or women or anyone as they use rags when cant afford pads- which is most of time –   Thats it! geezz, I go on. N