Hi Alison,
    thought you would like to hear how we are going……this one I sent the other day!
    take care – we all love it here!
    thank you

        I have just walked through the country tracks,compounds coming off the road, beautiful gardens, chooks scratching in the dirt, mothers washing in the buckets, babies laughing or crying when they see us! about an hours ramble along the red soil, still slippery from the deluge of tropical rain! So many crops, very fertile country! now in Maseno, to write to you! You should see this internet cafe – I cant wait to show some pictures, because life is so different, but awesome! So many amazing new sights and experiences…this morning we helped gather and peel the corn/maize. I managed to hold some on my head, but not when I moved – ha
        I feel so at home here in the country – God has blessed me with such an awesome experience. Having a bit of trouble to remember the girls names, but I’m good for a laugh! They will all be at the home tomorrow so we’ll get to meet all of them, I think there are about 46 – but only 20 live with us. Of course they have given up their beds for us, but they don’t mind snuggling together. They have a few days off for term break, many going to a christian camp. So I think we will be teaching next week.
        The other day coming back from Kisumu – right on Lake victoria, we were caught in the biggest tropical rain, thunder and lighting – wow – the red earth so slippery the shoes went, we were dripping and skidding, quite funny (at least giving the locals a laugh!!!) the stream was overflowing and to cross it was over our knees! hmmm well we didnt get home to a hot shower – ha – a cold wash in a bucket, and the red soil staining all – yes then we hand washed all our clothes yesturday from a bucket…..life is wonderful. Our meals are delicious they cook on a open fire stove with 3 spaces – I have a photo! ALOT OF OUR FOOD IS GROWN IN THE GARDEN. So lush and green.

        Very Happy
        All fine – must start my long walk home…..
        wish you were here to experience these wonderful people and all
        love and miss yas