Good afternoon – Im sitting here at the cyber cafe….reggae on the radio….rain falling on the tin roof, after a hot humid day….this is Africa!

The last week since I last wrote has been filled with lots of building! Yep, carrying bricks, shovelling sand, making cement and actually setting the bricks, what a wonderful thing to be able to leave this wonderful place!

Today we, Zoe and I, went with Susan to our school that we are to be teaching at – wow! I am so impressed. They are rearing rabbits (for the childrens lunches-protein!) Also the students have their own plot of land, where they are taught to grow veggies – and will sell them when ready – to the community and the teachers! great initiative. Also they have a project with growing trees to sell at the markets!

We had a great look around, and were given food….we had just eaten! but so rude not to partake in chai and margarine sandwiches! The chai is Kenyan tea boiled milk and water and loads of sugar! The students were giggling and following, they have never had any volunteer teachers! There are 88 students in one class – year 6 – and not any classes hold under 50 students – yeah a little daunting!!! But I still cannot wait! Where this great school is is on top of a hill with the most wonderful views of the surrounding country side……wow.

It is about 2km of winding track – over the railway tracks (train only comes twice a week) down the hill, across the stream, and up again………ah I dont know what I will do if it rains the heavy tropical rain…..we wont make it! More about those adventures as they happen!

The rain is heavier now, and thunder is all around…ha looks like we will stay here until it quietens!

Will try to get into Kisumu to develop some pictures – I feel like its a time warp here – from the 60’s? The children and adults alike are amazed at our cameras – that they can see themselves straight away! Everyone would like a copy…..but how will I find most of them, just in passing on the tracks? Life in beautiful Kenya!

I hope these pictures get to you ….

[Many thanks to Marie for taking the time to send these updates & amazing photos]