Thank you for letting me know about this, Angela, I’ve put this reply on the Blog so everyone can read it. This is one of many issues that need to be addressed but we must tread carefully. This is not our own country and things are far different. You made a good stand in highlighting this.

Kindest regards

Angela Tanner wrote:

….it’s tricky to be in there as a volunteer/outsider and hear some of the stories … you don’t want the children to have to go through what they do … and yet it’s a way of life that is accepted there. 
…..  At the orientation, there was a woman who had volunteered at a school (maybe 10 years ago?) and she suggested to us that we just walk away if it happens in our presence.  This was actually very good advice.  The first day it happened at Glad Toto, we walked away from the school grounds and the teachers came up to us to see why we were leaving.  I think I said something like, “Caning is illegal and we do not want to support it.”  The teacher laughed and thought we were joking – because it is so commonplace there.  When he realized we were quite serious about the matter, he apologized and said it would not happen again (while we were there anyway).  …..  I guess the law making it illegal has just come about in the last year and I know things take time to change. ….Again, this is when its gets tricky being a volunteer – figuring out what your place is in the community or school.