LLK International and the incredible “Mama Brique” have been busy caring for the children, despite the constant struggle to regain control of the Virginia M Buena Centre in Nakuru. The children sent a message to sponsors who organised the meal party.

Donors donate funds to pay for a meal for all of the children, for example as a present for somebody, themselves or for their own sponsored child. When the meal party is celebrated a message to the donor or to the celebrated person is written on the board, the children do the only thing that they can do in thanks – pray for that person – and photos are taken of the children eating and praying and of the board message. This time it was for Inge Bahlmann, the sponsor of the two children at the board (Linus and Sarah).

There are different prices for different things, such as a full meal – about 80 euros, fruit – about 35 euros – milk – about 30 euros. A meal with meat added costs about 100 euros. This is meant in addition to the beans and rice that the children usually were given. The Center were giving at least 4 such meals a week & during the draught last year – for about 2 months – were feeding 2000 children every single day this way.

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