As already stated by others, I’m no expert on global warming, but maybe Planktos isn’t either … “returning our ocean plankton to 1980 levels of health would remove half
of all our man-made emissions each year, or more than five times the
reductions called for in the Kyoto Protocol” so they claim.

Lets hope that’s all ocean-seeding does, Planktos, since you’ve already seeded a 10,000 square kilometer area off the Galápagos, in the South Pacific.

[By adding iron to certain areas of the sea, the company hope to promote
plankton growth which they hope will absorb large amounts of carbon. This will
then sink to the ocean floor, mostly in the form of faeces, where it
will remain for several centuries. It’s not a new concept, and has been
trialed before. However, whilst many studies have had success promoting
plankton growth, few have seen an increase in the amount of carbon
transported to the sea bed.]

Whale lovers and turtle conservationists will be wondering what a massive increase in iron will do to these species, not to mention the sensitive marine ecosystem as a whole ?

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