Nearly 18 months ago we worked with this organisation in Wamunyiri village, Kabula sub-location of Bunyore, Western Kenya. They do wonderful work in their community fighting poverty, HIV & AIDS. Edwin Wamuya Walela recently asked if we could help with marketing and my reply was worth publicising :

…AVIF does not charge fees to our volunteers. They make enough of a commitment travelling internationally and covering all their own costs. They receive no stipend for their time.
Our hosts can make arrangements with them for a weekly contribution towards food & fuel …

All volunteers are happy to help but they need to want to, not feel obliged to .. its ruins your future relationship, entirely !

I would say a reasonable contribution per person for food / accommodation is no more than US$20-30 per week but all our volunteers are used to paying their own costs so that figure is only determined once they have settled into the community and understand what costs are. They are all willing to pay their way and help but do not come to Kenya to simply hand over money.

AVIF does not hand out money. We assist with sustainable development and helping people to help themselves. No one benefits from hand outs except in crisis and we are not a crisis organisation.

We believe in Trade not Aid. We recently opened a website for a contact we have in Nakuru .. selling Kenyan goods. We paid for the goods to be shipped over and are now marketing them for Mike. This is what we can do … we do not charge our volunteers and neither do any of our hosts.

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