At the beginning of the year Kenya and the world watched in horror as the violence erupted. Unfortunately there are still victims, especially the children and communities trying to repair their lives. The tourism industry and economy have been damaged and one consequence is a dramatic fall in interest to visit by volunteers. This is totally understandable but the vicious circle MUST be broken in order to get people to come back to a beautiful country full of unquestionably kind people.

The most enigmaticly crazy person in my life, Matt McDonald just emailed to update me on the progress made by the Mercy Home Foundation. Co-Founders; Nick Kempson, Charlie Wright, along with many others set up the foundation after volunteering with AVIF, Summer 2007, staying at the JNMCC (Jehovah Nissi Mercy Childrens Centre).

Nick & Charlie are currently in Kenya visiting various places and delivering various goods, which is fantastic in itself, but Matt’s update just makes me realise why AVIF exists. Prior to the Summer Program 2007, Matt’s School, Campsmount Technical College, where Matt is a Learning Mentor amongst other roles, contributed hugely to AVIF. The students filled shoeboxes with items like pens, pencils & toothpaste & posted them over. The College, backed by Head, Andy Sprakes, provided materials and equipment for the orphans at JNMCC, which Matt fantasticly carried over to Kenya himself, as do all the AVIF volunteers.

Matt has organised a charity day at a very large primary school, this Friday, and will then be “giving an assembly to over 400 kids ! eeeak” he says! The last week of term at Campsmount College is dedicated to raising funds for the Mercy Home & “its turning out that the whole pyramid of schools want to be involved so its a sustained link“.

Wow .. totally unbelievable result from the 2007 Summer Program Volunteers .. you Guys rock ! …I’d like to wish Nick & Charlie a continued & safe trip with our friends in Kenya.

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