In March 2008 Catherine Scott’s documentary film SUNCOOKERS, about Solar Cookers International’s efforts to spread solar cooking and solar water pasteurization in Kenya, won the alternative energy category at the 2008 EarthVision International Environmental Film Festival in Santa Cruz, California.

AVIF have been promoting solar cooking to all hosts since 2006 and this video is a fantastic way of spreading the word. Asante sana, Catherine & SCI.

To arrange a demonstration of the cookers, please contact us by email.


The advantages of solar cooking are numerous, since they dramatically reduce :

– POVERTY – by educating and empowering communities, creating opportunities for them to earn extra money and even start their own business supplying or baking

– POLLUTION – by introducing more sustainable technologies and clean renewable energies for daily use

– DEFORESTATION – by lessening the need firewood

– DESERTIFICATION / LANDSLIDES – caused by clearing of trees and plants for firewood

– ILLNESSES CAUSED BY INDOOR AIR POLLUTION such as eye and lung diseases – by far more efficient stoves creating NO smoke

– ILLNESSES CAUSED BY CONTAMINATED WATER such as diarrhoea, parasites, cholera – by allowing simple water purification through solar heat

– HIGH FUEL COSTS FOR COOKING – therefore making income available for other foodstuffs or education

– TIME CONSUMING DAILY TASKS such as fetching wood for cooking

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