My good friend, Brique, just emailed me about her organisation’s fantastic achievements.

Despite a traumatic fight against corruption, Leben und Lernen in Kenia e.V. (Live & Learn in Kenya) are now shining in the glow of smiling faces around the communities they’re helping.

Here are the children at a party arranged by LLK after funding was secured for 490 warm, waterproof jackets for all of the children and the staff. Kenya does get seasonally cold & wet enough to cause pneumonia.

Not only have almost all (but 9) of the children gained foster parents, they also now have a plot of farm land each to grow their own food on (LLK rent the land, initially provide seeds and fertilizer then 1/4 of the harvest goes into the collective to feed the children).

LLK’s Girl’s club is also a huge success. Vocational as well as sexual health training is being provided. Here is Lucy, now a fully-fledged hairdresser with her own salon, provided by her very generous sponsors who not only paid for her training, but also salon equipment and a few month’s rent.

To celebrate World Peace Day a huge celebration was organised where all of the children, their siblings and parents/guardians were invited. They all cooked and ate together. Different tribes singing peace songs
to each other & dancing their own tribal dances .. a video is coming soon once Ken finishes editing.
Soul-warming success – something I hope AVIF can aspire to achieve.

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