I’d like to introduce 2 new contacts that AVIF are welcoming working alongside.

Dr Brady Hurst is a highly qualified practitioner of functional & advanced alternative medicine. He runs a clinic in Atlanta, GA, USA that offers TeleHealth Services to anyone around the globe with access to the internet.

TeleHealth- Online Video Consutation Service.

AVIF are hoping to offer the Telehealth Service to all volunteers in view of taking our Duty of Care one step further than most, offering medical advice, travel health advice and psychological advice to deal with the rigours of humanitarian work.

A man who’s definitely no stranger to these rigours is the incredible and aptly named, Jim Humble, an ex-gold-miner who fell upon the discovery that the commonly used household compound ClO2, chlorine dioxide, can be used to cure malaria amongst other diseases. Jim is not able to afford the millions of $$$$ needed for FDA approval which is why both the Canadian and Australian governments are barring all sales. The US Government is likely to follow suit as the new Codex law against selling nutritional supplements will soon be implemented. I was very sceptical until you find out that Jim’s contracted malaria himself in Guyana and used ClO2 to cure himself .. and colleagues.

“MMS cures malaria, all species, within 4 hours”, Jim is proud to say.   “.. clinical trials done according to Helsinki requirements in Malawi
were 100% recovery of all malaria victims tested.  I personally treated
more than 2000 malaria victims.  In the 75,000 victims treated by those
I trained, there were no deaths where there would have been 400 deaths
with standard treatment”.

I agree with Jim when he says that use of this compound has been “a success worldwide because we have worked .. at the grass roots.”  More than 15,000 bottles of
MMS are sold each month in the USA, yet its kept quiet because its not FDA approved. For further info contact Jim Humble via his Q&A site.

AVIF are hoping to get the product into communities in Kenya and initiate full training and monitoring of use of this compound. The sick amongst the communities, especially children, don’t have time for us to spend billions on researching a product that is already proven to work.

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