Good friend & fellow Sifter, Simon, is off to Africa in Jan 2009 to take part in the Tour d’Afrique, an 11,800Km bicycle race from Cairo to Capetown.

“It’s going to be pretty tough. Aside from cycling on average 77 miles per day for 4 months, there will be plenty of other challenges. The altitude in Ethiopia (the rooftop of Africa up to 3,500m), temps of 50C, mosquitos, lack of modern facilities” … Simon says he “can’t wait 🙂

He wants to raise money for ourselves and the Tour D’Afrique Foundation which donates bikes to aid access.

Simon’s donations page is here on his blog. Alternatively simply pass the word around to publicise the trip or if you’re able to assist with corporate sponsorship he can advertise your company, details available here. Simon will be “reporting back from Africa regularly with video’s, photos and tales of various discomforts from the trip in the hope that his suffering will provide some brief amusement“.

We wish you all the best, Simon, and that we were going too !

P.S. For another epic bicycle journey friends Fearghal & Simon are currently riding through France, appreciating the kindness of strangers, on their circumnavigation of the world. Keep up to date here.

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