I’d like to introduce Lindy and Project Africa.
Lindy Wafula grew up in hardship in Kenya and it made her strive to improve problems such as unemployment, illiteracy, HIV/Aids and gender inequality.

Project Africa’s mission is to promote the dignity and integrity of an African person & especially to empower African women with skills and resources for enterprise development. They also learnt about the powerful marketing power of FaceBook and their group is ever-growing here.

The project provides education and training for women and children and runs volunteering camps to aid this & promote awareness. We’d like to emphasize the locations of these projects which basically sell themselves to anyone wishing to experience Kenya and some of the most breath-taking scenery in the world. Kakamega was experienced in 2007 by Marie who wrote in an updateWent to Kakamega forest last weekend, a beautiful untouched virgin rainforest. Saw 3 species of monkeys, many butterflys, birds and amazing medicinal plants and trees…”

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Another project is in LungaLunga on the south coast of Mombasa. This video portrays the sad state of the only school there and why something needed to be done to improve the childrens future.