We’ve extremely rapidly moved to air-freight stage on the original 2 boxes of donated goods.

Handlers in UK, on the advice of Kenya Airways, have now issued an airway bill number which means we are “good to go”.

TTXGP spent hours running around Heathrow ensuring the paperwork and boxes were all handled correctly and we’re now waiting for flight arrival details in Nairobi.

Kenya Airways wonderfully offered us FREE air freight though its important to share to others that there are still surcharges to pay per kg (airway bill issue, NES entry fee, handling, fuel & security charges … even one for war £0.78p!!) in UK. As far as we are aware (????) there will be a small charge to pay at Nairobi’s customs of minimum $10.

Given the correct info we have a grace period of 72hours to pick up the boxes. Everyone is hoping that customs allow the boxes through without a hitch or additional charge. Kenya Airways understand that these goods are going to help people who live on less than $1 a day.

Fingers crossed !

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