Today I’d like to thank 2 separate airlines:

Emirates, Melbourne, Australia have wonderfully granted additional excess baggage allowance to Marie, flying back out to Kenya mid March, carrying with her many donated items for the girls at Mercy Home and the RABUOR community group around the Maseno/ Kisumu area.

She has been fundraising at work as well as in local schools to enable this and I’d like to thank her for all her effort. Wish I was going with you, Marie!

Kenya Airways have also flown over the first 2 of 11 boxes over to Nairobi, free of charge, from Heathrow in the UK. Donated by Motorsport Medical Services on the Isle of Man, the last consignment of 9 boxes crammed with medical supplies should be flown over early next week to be picked up by Bramuel, administrator of the Arrowweb Community Hospital.

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