I’d like to thank all volunteers this Summer for all their wonderful work and patience and generosity. This Summer has been quite challenging for some with illness and hard lessons to learn, realities to face, but everyone of the teams was strong and helpful to each other, supporting each other. Asante sana Beckee, Sam, Mariam, Stan, Deb, Alec, Andrew, Philip, Laurence, Amy & Christina.

Throughout the placements, volunteers have had time to visit the slum areas and various other parts of Kenya; Diani beach, Mombasa, Kisumu and the Maasai Mara.

Ken, Manager at the LLK school in Nakuru says “I’m impressed with their work. They are focused, reliable, obedient, hardworking and honest. They have learnt a lot in terms of culture, games and class work & our staff have also enjoyed their company. They have been part of our team. I wish them success and good luck in their future. I’ve never had an organized team of volunteers like this one.”

I’m really proud of everyone.
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