An example:

At the Tumaini Centre near Mumias, NW Kenya you can read Mona’s blog to see what activities she was involved in.

Activities may include teaching the ‘baby class’, kindergarten, grades 1 and 2. This now include Sylvia, above, as it is important for her to socialise with other children, despite her weaknesses.

Cases such as Sylvia are “found” all the time by volunteers so this will take up some of your time; meeting the locals and identifying stories to bring to the attention of Amanda Flanagan (responsible for Tumaini). Amanda can then publicise ther stories and find funding.

You will no doubt get involved with agriculture and cooking, tending school gardens and livestock and also helping to provide vocational training such as brick making at the school. The centre where you will stay and sleep (in mud huts) will also become, shortly, an adult-learning centre so you can get involved there too. Your input and own interests are equally important. whether you’re skilled in music or singing or art, you can pass those skills on too.

Solar Cooking International

Solar cookers are free to run, simple to build, use or sell and can be used for all manner of food preparation including pasteurization of milk and water. Read up on them here and we’ll try to set up demonstrations.

Energy-efficient stoves

In collaboration with CO2 Balance we provide these brick-built stoves to communities.

Development Education

You can find many resources at  the Global Dimension site for introducing Development Education into your classes at home and away.