Are you:

  • Adventurous
  • strong
  • have moral values
  • desire to help those in need
  • have patience
  • an open mind and NO EXPECTATIONS
  • imagination and creativity
  • understanding and ability to act as a role model
  • 18+, any race, sex, and creed.
  • Families, Couples or Individuals welcome.

You should have some previous relevant experience of ; Independent travel or living/working overseas AND residential voluntary work or community/ voluntary work.

Application Procedure:

Please email your CV & a photo to us

To meet any of our volunteers and discuss their experiences we have a large FaceBook Group, simply contact any of the Officers.

Standard vaccinations are required for Hepatitis A, Typhoid, Polio & Tetanus-diphtheria
Lower-risk suggested vaccines may be taken for Yellow fever, Cholera & Rabies
Hepatitis B is only transmitted by sexual intercourse or if in contact with infected blood.

Remember to also pack alcohol-rub (for washing hands easily and quickly), rehydration salts & diarrhoea tablets, just in case. We currently recommend Doxycycline (2010) which is a low-priced prophylactic AND antibacterial pill but it is always best to get the most current information available. Please click here for the indepth MASTA Health Brief for your travel vaccines. You should take anti-malarials for the short term group programme as well as taking precautions against being bitten throughout your stay; use a high-deet spray, a mosquito net and drink only safe water. Please speak to your GP.

We recommend you apply for membership with AMREF‘s Flying Doctor service for around US$ 20-50.

MASTA have an online site where you can purchase specially discounted insect repellents and other travel essentials. Mosquito nets are highly recommended.

Please ensure your travel insurance covers you sufficiently. Should you need assistance AVIF will make all necessary arrangements, and be by your side but we cannot pay for your health care should you fall ill and need medical evacuation.

Please also visit TripWolf to find fellow travellers & share experiences about the country & culture.