I got a call from a businessman in Ghana earlier. He’d found me through the wonderful Business in Development Network. He told me people were facing very serious hydro power crises, as the water levels in their dams are getting very, very low. Same as Kenya, in the rural areas their sole source of fire is wood, which contributes largely to deforestation and therefore drought and these present environmental crises.

He pleaded for help to get solar cookers for “his people” both in the City and the villages. His wife is a Nurse in the UK, in my home town, Manchester and he asked to come to the UK to meet and discuss payments. “Its far simpler” I told him. No need for time and precious expense on airfare. I just emailed him a list of all the people already in Ghana, dealing in solar cooking, promoting solar cooking, information available for free, instantly, on the SCI Archives.

Job done ! In 2 minutes.

Thats why AVIF is successful even without funding and why we do this.

Good luck to Mr Agyemang travelling to China next week to order some power generators for people (there is a very real chance that his local dam will be shut down by September).

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