We all just wanted to express our huge appreciation and .. well .. Douglas and wife Grace who run the Ingrids Education Centre in the Matopeni area of Nairobi are just speechless.

The generosity of “A Friend” is staggering, donating 64% of the target funds needed via our JustGiving site with a simple message Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

We’d like to also thank Nick, Nicola, Jack, Robert, Liz, Sammy, Simon, Charlotte, Sally, Charlotte N, Ralette, Alec, Steve, Mary, Steven, Eleanor, Mike, Leila, Bridgette, Deb and all anonymous donors too for their generosity in securing the future of the 116 children currently being cared for and given the hope of an education under the watch of Douglas and Grace. ASANTE SANA

Since our “friend” was a UK taxpayer, JustGiving automatically provide Gift Aid from the HMRC which means the target has already been met by that Gift Aid supplement alone. I will be sending the funds directly to Kenya via Moneygram.

Merry Christmas to Everyone x!x Kuwa na Krismasi njema x!x

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