Yesterday, Ingrids Angels received a 2nd gift. In 2010 the Ingrid Education Centre are moving another class up to Grade 4 and Zoe, visiting at the moment, offered to help with the construction of the new classroom. Within 5 hours they’d all finished.

Zoe leaves for Maseno Thursday morning to visit The Mercy Home. Thank you so much for your help, Zoe x

Funds have also now been cleared from Justgiving to buy the land the centre is sited on so this is now in Kenya, no thanks to Moneygram!? who extortionately charged us an additional GBP65.00 via the use of lower exchange rates. I’ve appealed to have the money returned to the children of Ingrids and will keep you posted.

We received our first Payroll Giving commitment also, many thanks to the contributor. This will fund the feeding program at Ingrids. Most children attending only get one meal a day, at Ingrids!

It may come as a surprise to some that through various agencies (in UK) chosen by the employers, for example: a contribution of £90 per month (which will fund a feeding program for over 100 children in Kenya) will actually only cost you £54 – “an absolute bargain”.  Your employer can explain more or go to the section on our website.

We’re also initiating a project looking into Kenya’s “desperate need for alternative energy sources”. Wind power and small scale turbines will quite simply enable developing communities to leapfrog the negative effects of the fossil-fuel era and stop the serious degradation of their environment. We’ll keep you posted but if there is anyone wishing to get involved please contact us.

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