More Christmas gifts have been received!

An incredible £400 has been raised largely through a raffle event that Katherine and Lydia (friends of Zoe) ran at the Putney Rotary Christmas Dinner earlier this month. Some great prizes were donated from companies like Penguin books and Coty perfume and makeup. The rotarians were very generous with the purchasing of raffle tickets too!!

More gifts also arrived with Michael Nam of the Naivasha Youth Sport Centre, for Gilgil Youth Centre. They are pictured below wearing kit donated by Mark Foster of Swinton Lions Football Club, Manchester, UK . The Gilgil Youth Center was invited to play (Liberty Academy in sky blue jerseys ) in Nairobi City’s artificial-turf. I’d like to thank Swinton FC for their continuing support and wish successful growth to Michaels endless work with the youth in his area.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas (an extra special “Snow-White Christmas” in the UK!)

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