AVIF are one of many non profits in SecondLife (SL) the Internet’s largest user-created, 3D virtual world community!! We have an office there which anyone anywhere can visit no matter where in the world they are, instantly. Its a work in progress and many thanks to Kali for the help with scripting/ building!


“Promoting Causes Inside SL for RL (real life) Impact ” has been studied by the Giving Circles Network (GCN), a member of NonProfitsCommon, a community within SL, in coordination with TechSoup.

The study showed that SL can assist a non-profit to:

•    Promote the Cause, Raise Awareness or Reach a New Audience
•    Enhance Learning and Education
•    Network as part of a Broader Community
•    Fundraise in SL (Linden Dollars) or in Real Life (World) Currencies
•    Engage and Learn Personally or Professionally (as an Individual)
•    Volunteer or Mobilize Volunteers
•    Communicate with, Counsel and Support Members/Users
•    Foster Independence of Beneficiaries
•    Leverage the Media (Public Relations)
•    Provide Mutual Support (Among Beneficiaries)

There are technical and perception barriers including:

– personal technical proficiency level
– allocating time for the learning curve
– upgrading equipment

However the benefits far outway these barriers:

– tapping a new medium to reach the nonprofit’s audience;
nonprofit cost savings and environmental benefits offered by virtual meetings and learning;
– the ability to leverage Second Life resources and the high rate of volunteerism there;
– the coming integration of virtual worlds with other platforms; and
– the demonstrated potential for-profit and nonprofit collaboration.

For more information on these studies pls contact Anika Pastorelli (SL Name) or email:  sbettger1@msn.com to join SL, simply click this link .. see you In-World

Alison Lowndes aka Roxylifer Graf