Thanks to the generosity of certain bikers [you know who you are] and the awesome attitude and proactive Jedi force within director Douglas, “now free and can breath after two days busy working on the Shamba planting and fencing” we can all see the results.

Douglas tells me “Now the Shamba is secure and free from cattle getting access ….It took ten men to fence the shamba today and 13 women and men planting yesterday.”

And you can see the skill and the collaboration involved in getting results like this in only 2 days. This is real innovation that comes from only a little bit of support. Ingrid Angels runs a feeding program so each of the children attending classes can be fed a meal. A generous G.A.Y.E (Give As You Earn) commitment is now covering costs for this program but suggestions and discussions went on about the centre becoming more self-sufficient. No sooner had this been discussed and Jedi Douglas got to work!

There is another Shamba next to this that can be used to plant a tree nursery and hosts from last Summer, CWOSUP and Edward Wata are hopefully advising Douglas on getting into a govt-funded tree nursery  programme to further increase funds. Edward has an established nursery in Yala, western Kenya.

[Ruth watering seedlings]