Here’s another brilliant idea from Afrigadget via Dominic Wanjihia (see links to his other gadgets below) – the fuel efficient Sufuria. A sufuria is the aluminium pan that is used by virtually everyone in Kenya to make tea, ugali and for cooking vegetables. Like all pots that we use, energy is wasted around the sides of the pot. In Africa this is expensive as fuel be it gas, kerosene or charcoal  is expensive. sufuria 1

This is what it looks like when assembled

Sufuria Kenya afrigadget

The real shame is that it’s not in production, despite Dominic’s belief that it saves at least 50-75% energy on a kerosene stove. Help us to find a way to get Dominic into production, perhaps alongside the Kinyanjui fuel efficient stove ?

Dominic Wanjihia has been previously on Afrigadget showcasing his flat parabolic mirror, container garden, wearable Solar Panel vest, Food dryer, and camel milk cooler.

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