Its about time!

Back in 2006 I set up AVIF, 4 years later I’m finally getting to go back out and meet all the fantastic people I’ve been working with all this time thanks to our fantastic honorary (angelic) Trustee. We’re investing in AVIF due to many factors, primarily because of a major opportunity to be part of a truly amazing environmental project headed by TerraEndeavors of the US. The project, though technically complex, utilises simple, natural processes to produce several profitable outcomes from only sunlight and water.

During the trip I’ll be handing over donations from the UK to Ingrids Angels to support the childrens feeding program. An incredible £400 was also raised by Katherine and Lydia (friends of Zoe) at the Putney Rotary Christmas Dinner. The rotarians were very generous and the money will fund the poultry operations of the widows and children of the RABUOR Self Help Group just outside Kisumu. The money will specifically buy 100 local chickens, iron sheets and wood for coups, vaccines, feed and even fund a caretaker’s position for a few months. Within 2 months its estimated 70 eggs per day will be laid or hatched providing valuable eggs and chickens. The cycle repeats, it is sustainable. Result!

The roadtrip itself will incorporate 18 different meetings in 12 separate locations but I’ll also be taking my children up to the summit of Mount Kenya, Africa’s 2nd largest to Kilimanjaro, guided by the wonderful Mary Kariuki. Born in the foothills, Mary’s personally climbed the mountain many times, and “been there done Kili” over a hundred times!!.

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I’ll also be getting back into scuba with Daniel Floren, Diving the Crab in Diani and hanging out at Stilts Backpackers; the place in paradise that keeps the fire burning for the masses who aren’t interested in paying insane colonial prices for corporate tourist traps!!

I’d like to take the opportunity to firstly thank fellow volunteer, Karl, for accompanying me on the trip. God forbid I’d have to change a tyre myself 😉 With the mileage we’ve got to do its good to halve it! also I must give huge thanks to friend and colleague Michael Ouma Nam for organising a vehicle for me to use at a very low cost. Kenya is renowned for its insane rental vehicle prices …

…Talking of rip-offs, after a quote of £280 for anti-malarial Malarone, my fantastic nurse pal Carolyn suggested I take Doxycycline once a day .. total cost £43 .. much better! Doxycycline, as with all anti malarials, has possible side effects but is primarily an antibiotic. Still worth taking it as the alternative is a not-so-pleasant stay in hospital on a drip!

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