AVIF has been associated with LLK; Live and Learn in Kenya, for many years now, sending volunteers to their operations centre in Nakuru. Having had a virtual office in Second Life (SL) since 2007, pictured below, I urged LLK’s Director Brique Zeiner to join SL‘s virtual charity community – Nonprofit Commons.

In true German style, Brique soon had a modern, chic avatar and an even chic’er office than ours!!

Having a virtual office allows anyone anywhere in the world (with an internet connection and a decent graphics card) to come in and inform themselves about our work in Kenya, look at photos, listen to music, go shopping, visit virtual offices of other organisations and ……….there’s no end to SL, quite literally. If an LLK member or an AVIF member is present, you can hold a conversation by either voice (headset) or by typing into chat. There are real people behind all of the so-called avatars, real conversations are held – as well as meetings. An actual child in Nakuru, an orphan, Veronica has already been sponsored through a Second Life contact.

When you log in to Second Life (Wikipedia link) type either Roxylifer Graf or Brique Topaz into the Search. LLK are holding a week long event in SL to fundraise to help the children in their care; July 10-18th.


Alongside SL clothing designers, G&N Quality Design, the “mega event” will be offering live music, DJs, dancing, African and European, drumming, auctions, sales, fashion shows and much more fun. Why not go in-world and join us!