I’ve just heard from Carolyn, working with ArrowWeb Hospital in Kayole, Nairobi that fundraising is progressing amazingly. Fundraising for hospital equipment to be shipped over, donated by Aid to Hospitals Worldwide is almost complete but this is just in time for news of a new purpose built hospital which will allow a continual improvement in the quality and scope of services provided to the people of Kayole-Soweto and to other areas within the Nairobi slums.

This is an excerpt from ArrowWeb’s new-look blog, many thanks to Carolyn.

“Staff from the Japanese Embassy Ambassador’s office honoured us with a visit last year and were very interested in our work. We followed this up with a call to the Grants for Grassroots Projects department at the Embassy and were advised to submit a formal application. Bram hand-delivered the Board’s application to the Embassy in April. We are really pleased to let you know that our application has moved on to the final “screening” stage.

The Embassy has asked us to provide more information about how we can ensure the long term sustainability of a new hospital. The Embassy has advised us that more detailed plans need to be submitted for the next stage by September, as the decisions about awarding grants are made in December. Bram and the Arrow Kenya Board are working on this.

Nairobi City Council had allocated Arrow Web a plot of land nearby for a new hospital. ..Bram has now registered the plot with the Ministry of Lands for a lease period of 99 years. This makes our position much more secure.”

In addition to this, Carolyn, a Dundee resident, has also coordinated NHS Grampian approving a partnership to work together. 2 dundee medical students leave next week on a 6 week voluntary visit with ArrowWeb.