In addition to the above Advice from Safaricom, AVIF wishes you to be fully informed about the situation and to take extra precaution during these times. Please follow this additional advice:

  • Do not attend any rallies.
  • Please refrain from political debates with fellow Kenyans unless you know them well.
  • Nakuru volunteers should minimize movements on August 4 (Vote Day) & 5 (Results announcement).
  • Please advise everyone you know and meet, in Kenya, of the U C H A G U Z I (Kenya decides) site enabling instant reporting of incidents and receipt of current and updated information over the referendum period. A demo video is here on the main Ushahidi’s platform. You can report via SMS, sending a message to 3018, by sending an email to, sending a tweet with the hashtag/s #uchaguzi or by filling out this form.

Please enjoy your time in Kenya and realise the majority of Kenyans wish for peaceful times.