Working with LLK is always a pleasure but playing “inworld” with them is even more fun.
Brique, Director of the German-based organisation operating in Kenya, is very active in the Second Life virtual world and recently completed “The Lavender Field“, a public area where anyone can literally fly in and listen to live music, chat and network and also donate towards the work the organisation is doing in the real world.
For non-SL’ers you simply need to download the Viewer software here then click on this SLurl to visit. The Non Profit Commons (NPC) area also has a great visitor Centre to help you get to grips with navigating You, or rather your avatar, around the World.
SecondLife themselves are wonderfully showcasing The Lavender Field, promoted by Philip Rosedale aka Philip Linden himself, Founder of the virtual world.  Nearly 3000 meals have been donated so far to the children in Nakuru, western Kenya.
Come on in and take a look round.
AVIF’s office is also located in the NPC area here.
Take some time to look around as Second Life is a myriad of destinations, inlcuding:
  • The Labyrinth of Time, set in the heart of the fantasy sim Wymberel, a romantic and magical space where you can lose yourself for hours in the magic of the maze or explore the treehouse and check out the view!
  • Dragonfly (and the adjacent Mad Ninjaz region) a wild landscape of overgrown flora, craggy terrain, and mysteriousness
  • Winter Solstice offers, instead of sand and surf, a beach featuring snow and seals and aurora borealis sparkling above as the glacial waves crumble in
For even more places to visit in Second Life check out the Destination Guide.
[Brique and I chilling in the The Brain Candy Retreat, a space created to support the needs of parents and guardians living with critically ill children].