On the plains that roll out from the foothills of Kilimanjaro lies a remote maasai village called Enkito. Last year our volunteers Petr, Shiv and Emma spent the Summer there. Waking up to this.
In just over a week Petr returns with Lorraine (UK) and a couple of weeks later Caleb & Kort from the US, to experience life as a maasai and learn how to truly live in symbiosis with nature. The main activities will be helping in the very basic school and learning the maasai customs. There will also be a hydrogeological survey performed by BWS, recommended and overseen by TAK Development  and Hélène M. Van der Roest of www.takafrica.org. Hélène will oversee the training of a water committee in the village to control charging a fee for the water from a borehole well in order to maintain it after drilling. Hélène advises “its very important to set up this kind of Self help system … When you provide water to a community you also need to make sure they own the borehole and can maintain it …. the goats and cows, for example, cannot drink from the borehole and should not come close to the borehole“. TAK are aware of the realities of drilling in this area and have even planned “a cattle drinking area and a fence around the borehole so that they do not destroy and pollute the water”.
The volunteers will gain knowledge of this entire process and can hopefully spread the word to fundraise for the well.
Lorraine has already ran a marathon and her Mother is baking cakes. They’ve helped to cover costs of the survey.
Petr has also been selling calendars of his shots taken in 2010, and has raised a great deal to aid the school and various needs in the community. The calendar in really special – please consider buying one for your family or friends this Christmastime and share the experience with them. Contact Petr for details here.